Ever More Myself

10 Day Challenge

Life is calling you back to yourself.

Starts April 29

  • No more feeling stuck and depleted.

  • No more waiting - for all the things to be in order - to ask more of life.

  • Reclaim your unique spark and joy.

  • Feel vitality coursing through your veins.

  • Set your intuition and creativity free.

  • Remember how powerful you are.

  • See more clearly where you are of service to yourself and others.

  • Be a contagious source of grounded presence and resilience, wherever you are.

  • Activate your desires and vision of a future you want to be part of.

Your attention is requested.

Your engagement is required.

For those of us who can do this now?

It's time.

Engagement in this challenge also gives you access to a chance to win a free ticket to the virtual, live,

3-day event by this same name:

Ever More Myself ($197 value) May 14-16.

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