Crazy Beautiful Truth:

Your Free 5 Day Activation, Jan 31- Feb 4, 2022

We are due for a re-wilding of the Spirit.

The remembering is upon us.

You tried predictable.

Small. Congenial. Good.


You tried to live the expectations of some “other” than you,

and gave it a most noble effort.

And while some legitimately good things happened...

It does not suit. It is too tight.

And your gorgeous, wild spirit will not be constricted no longer.

I’m talking to the men.

I’m talking to the women.

I’m talking to persons of every body.

Now is just right for unwinding the outdated beliefs, stories, and agreements

that determine who you can and cannot be.

Today is a very good day to fall in love with your beautiful Self.

We begin at the beginning:

with five days of paying attention, and letting ourselves be

delighted and surprised by who we are.

I'll show up in your inbox for 5 days with an activating inquiry, a prompt, and a brief meditation.

You'll get an end of day text prompt, too.

Join me.

January 31-Feb 4

The circle will be held. The exploration and learning begins even now, as you read these words and notice (or not) how they land within your system.

5 days of activating your Crazy Beautiful Truth will help you:

  • Remember what it is to be tuned into your Truth.

  • Remember you know more than you think you know.

  • Remember you are trustworthy with your dreams.

  • Activate the power of your attention and intention.

  • Activate your most authentic presence for yourself, first.

You are being called further up and further into your life.

Can you feel it?

You were made for this.

Engagement in this Activation also gives you access to a chance to win a free ticket to the virtual, live,

3-day event this March:

Remember Your Crazy Beautiful Truth ($197 value).

©The Throughline